FALL 2017 BMED 2400 A


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Statistical Methods in Biomedical Engineering. MATLAB and WinBUGS Support

Distributions and Models, Inference, Fundamentals of Regression and Experimental Design, Bayesian Approach

This course is concerned with the use of statistical inference for the modeling and analysis of data from a variety of sources under the umbrella of biomedical engineering research. The orientation is applied rather than theoretical, but such theory as is necessary for a proper understanding of the methods will be covered. Data from engineering, biology, and medical practice will be analyzed during the course. Coverage will include: design of biomedical studies, sample size problem, prediction via a statistical model, testing hypotheses, Bayesian methods, etc.

Software Support
The course will be supported by MATLAB and WinBUGS

  1. Data and Descriptive Statistics
  2. Distributions as Models for Observations
  3. Normal Distribution and Relatives
  4. Estimation and Testing Statistical Hypothesis
  5. Bayesian Approaches
  6. Two Sample Problems
  7. One- and Two-Way ANOVA. Block Design. Examples of more complex experimental designs.
  8. Some Non-parametric Procedures
  9. Tables and Chi-Square Theory
  10. Regression Linear, Logistic and Poisson
  11. Case studies

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Based on a work at http://zoe.bme.gatech.edu/~bv20/bmed2400/.